Our Privacy Policy

Update 24/7/2018

This privacy policy defines and informs you of the way in which Mainstreet Real Estate Sarl uses and protects the information that you transmit to us or that is transmitted to us when you use the site accessible from the following URL: www.mainstreet.lu

Please note that this privacy policy may be modified or supplemented at any time by Mainstreet Real Estate Sarl, in particular with a view to complying with any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or technological developments. In such a case, the date of its update will be clearly identified at the top of this policy. These modifications commit the user as soon as they are put online. The user should therefore regularly consult this privacy policy in order to be aware of any changes.

1. Personal Data

You can visit the Mainstreet.lu site without providing any personal information about you. No IP address or personal data will be collected on this occasion.

We are led to detain personal information from other sources when you contact us directly by phone, email or through contact forms located on our site or on third party sites acting as intermediaries (see point 7).

The personal data that we hold comes exclusively from these direct or indirect contacts and is never the result of the purchase of databases.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation adopted by the European Parliament on April 14, 2016, and the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978 as amended, Mainstreet Real Estate informs you of the following points:

2. Identity Of The Data Controller

The data controller is In the presence of MAINSTREET REAL ESTATE SARL, established and having its registered office at 68, rue de Luxembourg L-8140 Bridel, registered in the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B183564, currently represented by its managers in office,

Phone. : +352 20 21 00 93 Fax: +352 20 21 00 93-1


3. Purposes Of Processing Your Personal Data

Mainstreet Real Estate may process your personal data:

3.1 To provide you with the information or services you have requested (in particular: sending the Newsletter or announcements concerning goods for sale or for rent).

3.2 To contact you about various events relating to the professional activity of Mainstreet Real Estate, including in particular product updates and customer support.

3.3 To offer you goods corresponding to search criteria that you have previously communicated to us.

4. The Recipients

The sole recipient of your personal data is Mainstreet Real Estate, which uses it exclusively within the framework described in point 3. Your personal data is never transmitted to third parties other than the subcontractors to which Mainstreet Real Estate must necessarily use in as part of their professional activity (you will find more information about them in point 10 below).

Neither Mainstreet Real Estate, nor any of its subcontractors, sells the personal data collected through our site or through any other means of data collection.

5. Shelf Life

Your personal data is kept by Mainstreet Real Estate only for the time corresponding to the purpose of the collection as indicated in point 3 above. It cannot in any case exceed 24 months.

6. Computer Rights And Freedom

You have the following rights regarding your personal information, which you can exercise by writing to us at the postal address mentioned in point 2 or by sending us an email to  office@mainstreet.lu:

6.1 Right Of Access And Communication Of Data

You have the option of accessing your personal data. All you have to do is send us an email at  office@mainstreet.lu to ask us what type of information we have about you and how it is used.

We consider that your personal data belongs to you and you can receive, upon written request, a file containing all the personal data that we hold about you.

6.2 Right To Rectify Data

Under this right, the legislation empowers you to request the rectification, updating, blocking or even erasure of data concerning you which may prove to be inaccurate, erroneous, incomplete or obsolete. All you need to do is send us an email to  office@mainstreet.lu  specifying your request.

6.3 Right To Object

You can object at any time to your personal data being used or stored by Maintreet Real Estate. All you need to do is send us an email to  office@mainstreet.lu  indicating your request.

You can thus request the deletion of personal data concerning you, with the exception of data stored for administrative, legal or security reasons.

7. The Collection Of Personal Data

The collection of your personal data can be done in several ways:

7.1 Through Third-Party Sources

Our listings of properties for sale or for rent are published on Luxembourg real estate portals such as Athome.lu, Immotop.lu, Wortimmo.lu, Habiter.lu…. In case of interest on your part, most of these portals allow you to contact us via a contact form which is then sent to us. Depending on the contact form and the real estate portal, we may receive the following data:

  • Last name First Name,
  • Mail address,
  • Phone number,
  • Your message.

These data are used primarily to respond to your contact request concerning a particular property. This data is collected by our platform for managing and publishing our goods, Apimo. The data is then made available to us in the form of a list of contacts.

7.2 Through Direct Telephone Contact With Our Agency

We receive direct telephone calls during which we can take note of some personal data concerning you, in particular the name, the first name, your e-mail address and your search criteria.

This data can be used to fill in the fields of the Apimo form for the property in question and for customer relationship management purposes.

7.3 Through Facebook And Contests

We organize contests through Facebook in order to promote our professional activity. Some contests may require the need to complete a form in which your name, first name and email address are collected. These data are collected through a third-party competition management platform which provides us with all the data collected in listing format.

7.4 Through The Contact Form On Our Mainstreet.Lu Site

We use a contact form under the contact section of our site. The data sent to us through this form concern your name, first name, telephone number, email address and your message. They reach us by email through the address  office@mainstreet.lu

These data are used exclusively to respond to your request and are stored in our mailbox managed by Google. If you wish to delete your personal data, please refer to point 6.

7.5 Through An Email Sent To One Of Our Email Addresses

You can send us an email for any request. Your data is used exclusively to respond to your request and is only stored in the relevant mailbox and managed by Google. If you wish to delete your personal data, please refer to point 6.

8. Response Times

Mainstreet Real Estate Sarl undertakes to respond to your request for access, rectification or opposition or any other request for additional information within a reasonable period of time which may not exceed 1 month from receipt of your request.

9. Complaint To The Competent Authority

If you consider that Mainstreet Real Estate does not respect its obligations with regard to your personal data, you can address a complaint or a request to the competent authority. In Luxembourg, the competent authority is the National Commission for Data Protection through the following link:  https://cnpd.public.lu/fr/support/contact.html

You can also contact them at the following address:

National Commission for Data Protection

1, avenue du Rock’n’Roll L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette

Phone. : (+352) 26 10 60-1

10. Cookies

We do not have a cookie management policy because we do not use cookies. Indeed, during your connection, our site does not ask you anything because no cookie is used on our part nor is not stored on your computer (see point 1).

11. The Protection Of Your Private Data

Our internal data protection policy is strict and meets high standards of professional confidentiality.

We never share your data with anyone without being legally or administratively constrained to third party people and services involved in the development of your file for the sale, purchase or rental of real estate that we take care of.

With regard to personal data collected as a result of indirect contact, we depend directly on your data management platforms which store your data for us. You can consult the privacy policies at the following links:

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